Making ads useful, relevant and safe

We want to help your business sustain and grow revenue, while respecting people’s preferences for privacy. That’s why we develop tools to help with user consent and products and features that provide transparency to users.

Privacy Playbooks

To help guide companies through today’s privacy landscape, we put together two playbooks collecting best practices, case studies, and practical guidance from a variety of marketers and publishers.

The publisher’s playbook for navigating today’s privacy environment
For publishers

The marketer’s playbook for navigating today’s privacy environment
For marketers

We never sell users’ personal information

While advertising makes it possible for us to offer our products free of charge and help the websites and apps that partner with us fund their content, our users’ personal information is not for sale. We keep user data private at every point in the process of showing ads.

We never use sensitive information to personalize ads

Data helps us personalize ads so they're more useful to users, but we never use the content of user emails or documents or sensitive information like health, race, religion, or sexual orientation to tailor ads to our users.

We work on your behalf to protect your privacy

We’re constantly working to ensure your ad experiences are safe on our platforms. Your data is protected by our industry-leading security technologies that automatically block a wide range of security threats, including attempts to obtain your personal information.


We've integrated our ads systems with the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0. For businesses that choose to use this method to gather user consent, Google’s ad systems will read and respect the Transparency and Consent String, so businesses can comply with applicable regulations.

IAB TCF v2.0 IAB TCF v2.0 Policies

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Ads Transparency and Control

About This Ad

The ‘Why this ad?’ feature helps users understand why they’re seeing a given ad. For example, a camera ad might have appeared because someone has searched for cameras, visited photography websites, or clicked on ads for cameras before. The 'About the advertiser' feature will show users the verified name of the advertiser behind each ad.

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About This Ad

Ad Settings

In Ad Settings, we make it easy for users to control the data used to personalize the ads they see. This includes information added to Google Account, what we estimate about interests based on user activity, and interactions with other advertisers that partner with us to show ads. When users are signed in to Google, they can permanently delete the activity data tied to their account at any time.

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Ad Settings

Advertiser Identity Verification

To provide users with more information about who is advertising to them, we are working to verify the identity of advertisers on our platforms. As part of the initiative, advertisers are required to complete a verification program in order to buy ads from Google, and users will see ad disclosures that list the name and country of the advertiser.

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Advertiser Identity Verification

Ads Data Hub

Join Google ad data with your own data while maintaining end-user privacy. Ads Data Hub enables customized analysis that aligns with your specific business objectives, while respecting user privacy and upholding Google’s high standards of data security.

Proposal: Ads Transparency

A document that serves as a starting point to an industry-wide discussion on how to provide users the best privacy experience while preserving an open and free internet, made possible by digital advertising.

Reports and Case Studies