Commited to keeping data safe.

For your business, for everyone.

Data privacy is vital to your business. That’s why we protect it and provide you with the guidance and tools you need to manage it responsibly.

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How we keep your data safe


We're always working to stay compliant, which helps make compliance easier for your business.

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Blue Privacy Shield

Product controls

Your business data is yours to control. With Google, you'll always have the right to choose what information you share based on the products and features you use.

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Blue Shield with Toggles

Data safety

We protect data by investing security and privacy technology for every business, including our own, and share our innovations with the world – making the internet a safer place for everyone.

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Responsible innovation

From engineering to ethical AI, we’re leading the way in promoting accountability while helping businesses across the world learn how to gain insights from data appropriately.

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Discover free training and useful tools that can help drive a better understanding of your business data, as well as news and insights that can inspire transformational thinking.

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Audits and certifications

Keeping your information safe, secure and private is our highest priority, which is why we work closely with data protection authorities to embed and implement strict practices and protocols across our organization. This includes regular auditing and keeping our certifications up to date.

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