Your data.
Your choice.

Data is critical to your business, so it’s essential that it’s managed in the right way. With Google you can be confident that, no matter which of our products and services you use, you’ll have control over what information you share.

Blue Shield with Toggles

Our products. Your preferences.

Any commercially sensitive data your business shares with Google to optimize its marketing (like cookie lists and conversion data) is treated according to strict usage guidelines. And when we publish any benchmarks, industry cohort reports, or product statistics, these are based on publicly available or aggregated data – meaning your business is not otherwise identified unless you give us your permission. If your business uses multiple products, you may be able to connect them and share data from one to another. All of your data will then follow the broadest usage guidelines applicable to your connected products.

Keeping your business’ data isolated

Products designed to keep the data you share with Google isolated from other products and other business’ data unless you choose otherwise.

Giving you the option to share data for new insights

Products designed for you to share your data – if you choose to – for additional aggregated data to drive new insights and improve performance.

Relying on Google’s data, less from your shared data

Products designed to leverage Google’s aggregated data and algorithms – with limited data sharing required from you.